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L'Onor si fea; se forse a la sua luce Soave incominciò. Following a famous classical theme, this poem exalts the civilizing function of poetry, represented by the Muses sent to earth by Jupiter to urge humanity out of its feral condition. 5 Bids submitted by telephone » Novo propose esperimento. , with registered office in Milan, Via Pontaccio n. 12, in the person of the director, Dr. Rossella Novarini, mail: direzione.generale@ponteonline.com. A rare first edition in contemporary binding of this neoclassical poem written in honor of the Marquise of Condorcet of which Manzoni was a guest in Paris. Ove di selva coronate attolle Chè vil fra 'l volgo odo vagar parola, All bidding for this sale will be in euros. - he has the right to withdraw the consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing performed on the basis of the consent given prior to the revocation, as well as the right to place a complaint with a supervisory authority. Sacra del plettro ai figli lor le Muse The image will be recorded, by means of a video recording system and as per reported information, in the legitimate interest of the Owner, or in order to protect the safety of persons and the protection of the company's assets. Personal data will be processed by the Data Controller as well as by employees and collaborators authorized to process the data. L'umana stirpe: del rapito foco Fremean d'Urania le parole e l'alta Il Ponte will not be responsible for the delays in paperwork procedures. This is without prejudice of the consumer Buyer's right to appeal to a competent ordinary court for settlement of the dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions of Sale, regardless the outcome of the out-of-court dispute settlement procedure pursuant to Part V, Title II-bis of the Consumer Code. Blando a la Dira ei s'offeria: seguace In the event the lot has been the subject of a declaration of cultural interest prior to its sale, the Seller will report the sale to the competent Ministry pursuant to Article 59 of the Urbani Code. Bids submitted in writing Il Ponte will reply promptly to communications of any alleged lack of conformity and indicate to the consumer the specific procedure to be followed. Essi a la turba E già dorata il monte erge la cima. : whalebone, crocodile, ivory, coral, turtle), regardless of their age or value, may require a permit or certificate before export, and/or additional licenses and/or certificates for importation into non-EU countries. Di te tant'alto io promettea. Rialzar le Camene. Owner and other designated persons Del bel Permesso ei salutando ascese, 01481220133, fully paid share capital of Euro 34,320.00 (Il Ponte), acting in the name and on behalf of the Seller as agent with representation of the same, except for the cases in which Il Ponte is the owner of the lot. Pindaro rispondea, « cura dei vati Campi invano additava, a cui per anco Vider Pietà che, mollemente intorno L'egregio vinto si sottrasse, e solo The auctioneer has discretion to vary bidding increments for bidders in the auction room and on the telephones, but bidders via the Web Site and/or the Platform may not be able to place a bid in an amount other than a whole bidding increment. Difficoltà che a l'impotente è freno, L'opera consiste in un dialogo tra Urania, musa dell'astronomia e il poeta Pindaro in cui si conclude che è grazie alla virtù e alla bellezza delle arti che gli uomini hanno raggiunto la civiltà. L'alme col canto ivan tentando, e l'ira The granting of a license or a certificate for import does not guarantee the issuing of a license or certificate for export, and vice versa. Non conosciute ancora Di dolor punto e di vergogna, al volgo Milano: Stamperia Reale, 1809. 2.3 In the event bids of an equal amount are submitted through the same method (that is presented in the auction room, by telephone, in writing or online), Il Ponte will take into consideration only the bid received first. Al meditato (XI. rendelet a veszélyhelyzet idején alkalmazandó védelmi intézkedések második üteméről és az 505/2020. Quale a l'ara de' Numi allor che il sacro V'ammorzava quel canto, e dolce, in vece, 118, implementing Directive 2001/84/EC) will be paid by the Seller. 2.6 The auctioneer conducts the auction starting from the bid he considers suitable. Urania. Blandamente. 4.5 Il Ponte is not responsible for any errors made by the potential buyer in completing the Form. Brivido i cori percotea. 8.2 Il Ponte does not undertake the obligation to arrange for shipment of the lot sold, which must be collected by the Buyer in Milan at the offices of Il Ponte in Via Pontaccio 12 or in Via Pitteri 8/10 (depending on where the auction was held), within 10 days following the day the Amount Due is paid. Con lungo mormorar gli rispondea. Competing Bids Allor su l'erba s'adagiaro: il plettro Il cammin sacro omise. Là giù dunque movete: a voi seguaci Spuntate avea l'acri saette il tempo. Orror compreso in ogni vena il sangue 7 Payment 5. Benefici, che prodighe a l'ingrato 3.1 To participate in the auction in person, it is necessary to have the appropriate numbered paddle, which is issued by the staff of Il Ponte at the registration desk, upon filling in the auction registration form and upon exhibiting the identity document of the potential buyer. If you have the leading bid this will be indicated on the Web Site and/or the Platform. 13.1 Regardless of the issue of a certificate or an export license under Article 68 et seq. These Terms are in addition to (and do not replace) the above reproduced Terms and Conditions of Sale, whose definitions will be referred to in these Terms. Di carità, di pace vi destava Volava intorno Elérhetőség NYITVA TARTÁS. 42/04 and also in the matter of the right of pre-emption of the Government; reference shall be also made to § 11.4 of these Terms and Conditions of Sale). » 7.5 Payment of the lot can be made in Milan at the offices of Il Ponte in Via Pontaccio 12 or in Via Pitteri 8/10 (according to where the auction was held) during the following office hours: Mon-Ven. Del suo Poeta s'involò. Ricercarlo, ma invan, ché non levossi Dolor ti duoli », proseguia, « deh! Mi sollecita amor che Italia un giorno 7.6 The following credit cards are accepted: American Express, Diners, Visa and MasterCard. Detti, dal ciglio e da le labra rise Il Ponte reserves the right to refuse or revoke permission to bid online via the Web Site and/or the Platform and to remove bidding privileges during a sale. Successful bidders will be notified about the adjudication and receive the bank statement related to their purchase after the sale. » « Deh! Turgida appar la lagrimetta, ed ella Trecce di lei, che fra il romor del plauso Urania: edizione integrale. 7.8 Il Ponte has the right to control the source of the payments it receives and to refuse payments from people other than the Buyer. 1815 - Il proclama di Rimini. for treatment with a contractual legal basis; Maraviglia compunto, il prezïoso Prego, suoni quest'Inno: e se pur degna Failure to do so, will make the registration impossible. Aver le Muse io crederò? Invidïata vide in su le nere The lack of conformity must be reported to the Seller within two months of the date on which it was discovered, otherwise the guarantee is voided. Figli di Pirra: d'amor santo indarno Buy Urania (Italian Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Amazon.com 3.4 Each lot sold in the auction room will be invoiced on the basis of the personal information and address provided when the numbered paddle is issued. ... Ma il motivo significativo del post è costituito dal poemetto " Urania ", il quale rappresenta un nuovo tentativo di ripresa della poetica neoclassica, venne pubblicato nel 1809. Su la vedova terra il sole invia, Raggiò pacato il guardo Di far parlando a la risposta indugio. The auctioneer can put consecutive bids or respond to other bids in the interest of the Seller up to the Reserve Price (the minimum price agreed confidentially between Il Ponte and the Seller, below which the lot will not be sold). a cura di M. Barbi e F. Ghisalberti, CENTRO NAZIONALE DI STUDI MANZONIANI, Casa del Manzoni, Milano, Legatura coeva in cartonato colorato. Facebook gives people the power … 9 Transfer of risk Pindaro li cantò. Half-title, title and 10 text leaves (light stains). Additional Terms and Conditions of Sale for Online Bidding Pénztárzárás: az utolsó előadás kezdetét követően 15 perccel. Mortal del canto il dono. Storia del testo. Inclita schiera di Virtù (chè tale If your bid is a successful bid, the Buyer irrevocably agrees to pay the full purchase price including buyer's premium and all applicable taxes and other applicable charges. A le Vergini il Padre; e questo ad elle 2. The provision of the above data is mandatory for the holder to be able to carry out the task assigned to him. « A confortarti io vegno. Qual d'uom che d'udire arda, e fra sé tema Cancella il torto e nella manca reca 1.8K likes. 8.6 In the event of death, disqualification, incapacitation or termination, for any reason, of the Buyer, duly notified to Il Ponte, it is agreed that Il Ponte will deliver the lot on the basis of an agreement between all the assignees of the Buyer or in compliance with the procedures established by the judicial authority. The process for making a bid through the Web Site and/or the Platform is a one-step process; the bid is sent as soon as the bidder clicks the relevant button and it is final. Tal su gli aerei gioghi sorvolando, Poi che ne l'alto de la selva il pose Declaration of cultural interest 9.1 A purchased lot is entirely at the risk of the Buyer starting on the earliest of the following: (i) the date the Buyer receives the lot purchased, or (ii) the date the Buyer pays the Amount Due for the lot; if none of these events takes place, the transfer of risk will in any case have effect after the ten (10) day-period of the sale has elapsed. » Ma stagion lunga ancor volta non era, Lo spontaneo Perdon che con la destra Vincea quel canto de le ferree menti. a mirar forse Donna si feo l'invendicato oltraggio, Join Facebook to connect with Noemi Urania Manzoni and others you may know. Videro, e novo di pietà, d'amore Al basso mondo ove la luce alterna, Sul verde clivo onde l'aeria fronte - no more than 72 hours, relative to the treatment of images of the Bid now on Invaluable: MANZONI, Alessandro (1785-1873) - Urania. The shipping may be carried out by a carrier hired by Il Ponte, in accordance with the instructions of the Buyer, or hired directly by the Buyer, depending on the agreement between the parties. Potential purchasers should consult the site www.ponteonline.com (Website) to review the most current information on the lots in the catalogue and any possible different condition of sales for the specific auction. Seller means any individual or company owning the lot offered for sale by auction by Il Ponte. 8 Delivery and collection of the lot A Kormány 484/2020. Il Ponte will reply to complaints within five working days of their receipt. Treatment and legal basis Inno di lode liberato il volo Primo le desti, e ad illibate fonti Il padre, Pietro, è un nobile dal carattere chiuso e ombroso. 4.3 Written bids will only be accepted if rounded to a multiple of ten; otherwise, Il Ponte will consider the offer as being rounded down to the nearest multiple of ten (for example, a written offer of € 238.00 will be considered by Il Ponte as a bid of € 230.00). 9 am to 1 pm; 2 pm to 5:30 pm (excluding public holidays in Italy). Delivery: please refer to Clause 8 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Placabil mai de gl'Immortali alcuno Nel pio voler propose. Rami nutrendo nel felice tronco, De l'aura sacra a l'aspirar, di lieto Nè mai grado calcar nè offender sasso; Il Ponte is not responsible for any failure to execute an online bid or for any errors or omissions in connection therewith. 8vo (230 x 150mm). 10.2 Il Ponte will not be bound by the opinions provided by the Buyer, and reserves the right to request additional expert advice at its own expense. 1.7 Neither Il Ponte nor its directors, employees, contractors or consultants shall be liable for acts or omissions relating to the preparation or conduct of an auction or for any other matter relating to the sale of the lot. Pénztárnyitás és Emeleti kávézó: Az első előadás előtt 30 perccel. Del volubile canto onda ristette Di lor, che a terra ancor tenea il costume, Farsi de l'ardue menti aprir le porte: Al divino atto commossa Under this Article, counterfeit means, in the reasonable opinion of Il Ponte, the imitation of a lot offered for sale, not described as such in the auction catalogue, created for the purpose of deception in regard to the authorship, authenticity, provenance, attribution, origin, source, date, age, period of the lot, which on the date of the sale had a value lower than it would have had if the lot had corresponded to the description in the auction catalogue. Tacquero, è ver, ma l'infelice amica Bidders on the Web Site and/or the Platform are responsible for making themselves aware of all sale room notices and announcements. Urania records & Manzoni Editore. 11.2 The failure to grant or the delay in issuing the certificate of free circulation and/or the export license shall not give rise to the termination or annulment of the sale, nor shall it justify the non-payment or delay in payment of the Amount Due by the Buyer. Il Ponte will accept only bids equal to or higher than 80% of the minimum estimate indicated in the catalogue with respect to the lot for which the bid is submitted. Come la madre al fantolin caduto, 13 Protected species Estimate: €3,000 - €3,500 Description: Manzoni, Alessandro I Promessi Sposi. Milan: Stamperia Reale, 1809. - he may also object in whole or in part to the processing of data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising material, direct sales or market research or commercial communications; III", The work c... from Il Ponte Auction House on January 2, 0121 10:30 AM CET. Tacque il labro, ma il volto ancor pregava, The staff of Il Ponte is able to make phone calls in Italian, English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. 5.1 By filling in and submitting the Form, a potential buyer can participate in the auction and make telephone bids. Sceser gli spirti obbedïenti, e tutto The work consists of a dialogue between Urania, muse of astronomy and the poet Pindar in which it is concluded that it is thanks to the virtue and beauty of the arts that men have reached civilization 5. Or se del mio L’attività saggistica e letteraria di Manzoni, dopo la conversione: procede separando con precisione assoluta, l’una dopo l’altra, le opere su cui lavorare. 5.4 The minimum estimate indicated in the catalogue in reference to each lot for which potential buyers intend to make telephone bids must be at least € 100,00; otherwise, Il Ponte will not contact the potential buyer nor will he be able to make telephone bids for the lot. Mai non lasciar; ché ad alte cose al fine De' paterni conviti eran le Muse A tanto raggio de' mortali il guardo; Personal data such as e-mail address, provided optionally by the Customer to the company on the basis of a specific consent issued by the same, will be processed in a lawful and correct manner, as well as in accordance with the Regulation for the purposes of forwarding information, updates and news regarding new auctions and / or future events. Imitar le sorelle: e d'un eletto Vicina 24. Tal su i cori cadea rorido, e l'ira The data processed (which may be: common and identifying) are updated, complete, relevant and not excessive with respect to the aforementioned purposes of processing. Balzò l'eterea vetta, e d'improvviso 11.1 The export of a lot from the territory of the Italian Republic may be subject to the issuance of a certificate of free circulation or of an export license, in accordance with the requirements of Article 68 et seq. In any event (bids placed by phone and/or internet and/or online auctions included) sales are considered to be carried out within the scope of a public auction, therefore the buyer will not be entitled to any right of withdrawal. Rendesse a l'uom, chi mai d'ostie e di lodi, Occhiello, frontespizio e 10 carte di testo (lievi macchie). It is the Buyer's responsibility to obtain these import or export licenses/certificates, as well as any other required supporting document, before making any bid and Il Ponte shall be expressly exempted from any responsibility and/or obligation. Che infiammando occupolli. 14.6 If, during the period of validity of the Legal Guarantee, the lot manifests a lack of conformity, the consumer may inform Il Ponte of this fact at the contacts provided in Article 16. 3.2 Il Ponte invites potential buyers to pick up their numbered paddle ahead of time and informs them that they can also register for the auction during the exhibition period held prior to the auction. 8-11 (non ostacolano la leggibilità del testo), sporadiche fioriture, peraltro esemplare ben conservato. Unniche nozze. La nostra Musa, o sacri colli, o d'Arno Ne' palagi d'Olimpo, e le terrene Me de' suoi vati al drappel sacro aggiunga, La Diva è molto condizionata dalla svolta di fede. Tacitamente il solitario arbusto e non sapea di quanto Dio Che a le Dire fea guerra. De l'uom nemiche ed a più miti voglie Fer de la terra; assai ne' petti umani Servatrice dei giuri, e l'arridente Gran parte abbranca di terreno, e mille II. E il suader potente. Il Ponte will not take into consideration bids for unlimited amounts or bids for an unspecified amount. Il Ponte will not be responsible for any errors or failures to execute bids placed via the Web Site and/or the Platform, including, without limitation, errors or failures caused by (i) a loss of connection to the internet or to the Web Site and/or the Platform software by either Il Ponte or the client; (ii) a breakdown or problem with the Web Site and/or the Platform software; or (iii) a breakdown or problem with a client's internet connection, mobile network or computer. ... NARDINI 1809 = Manzoni Alessandro, Urania. 02 2829389, mail: privacy@programmastudio.it. Divo Alighier, le fosti. Italia, ospizio de le Muse antico. Il Ponte shall be entitled to retain any advanced payment made by the Buyer. View the profiles of people named Noemi Urania Manzoni. Elegge or voi. Before using any such object of a sold lot, it is best to have any electrical system therein certified by a qualified electrician, as Il Ponte shall not assume any responsibility in these regards. By participating in an auction via the Web Site and/or the Platform, the bidder agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable to the sale and these Terms. 7.7 The bank details for wire transfers are the following: IBAN IT 51H0832950860000000011517; Swift code no. E già de' lieti Col breve onor de le digiune frondi: Milan: Stamperia Reale, 1809. Quanto ad uom lice, e riposata e bella Recar le Muse. Ma la fragranza de' castalii fiori, - to ask the Data Controller to confirm or not the possession of personal data concerning himself, even if not yet registered, and their communication in an intelligible form, as well as access to personal data, its possible updating or integration, correction or the cancellation of the same, the transformation of the same in anonymous form or the blocking of those treated in violation of the law, the limitation of the processing that concerns himself or to oppose its treatment, in addition to the right to data portability. Ma d'Orcomene, ove le Grazie han culto, 4.4 Il Ponte, in allowing potential buyers to raise bids, will take into account both the Reserve Price and the other bids, so as to attempt to sell the lot for which a written bid was submitted at the lowest possible Hammer Price. » 7.5 Payment of the lot can be made in Milan at the offices of Il Ponte in Via Pontaccio 12 or in Via Pitteri 8/10 (according to where the auction was held) during the following office hours: Mon-Ven. Pursuant to and for the effects of art. Virtù fur conosciute onde beata, Che in minor suono il canto mio ripete. Vider le Muse: ma di lor la prima 1.9 At all events any different l liability of Il Ponte vis-à-vis the Buyer (the individual or company who makes the highest bid in the auction accepted by the auctioneer and is awarded the lot) in connection with the purchase of a lot is limited to the Hammer Price and the buyer's premium paid to Il Ponte by the Buyer. Se la man pia del sacerdote in esse Vendetta: incauto, che a le Grazie il culto Data retention period La vaga mortale orma, e sotto il pondo Ebbe, o Pindaro, Urania. A queste alme d'Italia abitatrici Così dal sangue e dal ferino istinto Giove da l'alto serpeggiar già folta Rapisse il lauro la minor Corinna; Menti il Diletto, e ne la palma alzata Ovunque un Genio a quella Furia opporsi, A l'orecchio di lui, ma non veduta, Il Ponte reserves the right to refuse or to revoke registration for an auction at its sole discretion. Mirtide già de' carmi e de la lira Vede la schiva i mille, e ad un sorride. All sale room notices will be read by the auctioneer at the beginning, where appropriate, or during the sale prior to a relevant lot being offered for sale. Tacque, e porse la cetra: indi rivolta, 5.2 The Form must be sent to Il Ponte at least 24 hours before the start of the auction - by fax to +39 02.72022083 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pontaccio 12) or to +39 02.36633096 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pitteri 8/10), or by sending an email in pdf format to info@ponteonline.com (or to the email address of the relevant department of Il Ponte provided on the Website or in the auction catalogue), in all cases enclosing the required documentation specified in the Form. 7.3 3In the event of failure to pay or delay in payment by the Buyer, in whole or in part, of the Amount Due within the aforementioned imperative time-limit Il Ponte has the right to terminate the sale contract pursuant to Article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code, by giving simple written notice. The fall of the auctioneer's hammer also determines the conclusion of the purchase contract between the Seller and the Buyer and in particular it indicates the obligation of the Buyer to pay to Il Ponte the entire amount due for the purchased lot, including its price and commission. Candida luce la ricinse, aperte Urania prese, e gli accordò quest'Inno V'è la Gloria, sospir di mille amanti: The text of the regulation is available on the website www.eur-lex.europa.eu. Dolce qual tibia di notturno amante, Stimolo al forte; essa al pensier di Giove Gli aurei doni dovuti; a lei compagno 1785 nasce a Milano dal quarantanovenne Conte Pietro Manzoni, e da Giulia Beccaria, figlia del famoso giurista Cesare; il padre naturale fu probabilmente Giovanni Verri con il quale la madre intratteneva una relazione. Squallor la terra, e rise: e tu qual fosti, Ricondur l'infelice, impose il Dio. INFORMATION on ART 13 of the G.D.P.R 4.2 The Form shall be sent to Il Ponte at least 24 hours before the start of the auction: either i) by fax to +39 02.72022083 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pontaccio 12) or ii) to +39 02.36633096 (for auctions organized at the Il Ponte offices in Milan, Via Pitteri 8/10), or iii) by sending an email in pdf format to info@ponteonline.com (or the email address of the relevant department of Il Ponte provided on the Website or in the auction catalogue), in all cases the required documentation specified in the Form must be enclosed; in case of failure to provide the required documentation, Il Ponte guarantees neither the participation of the potential Buyer in the auction nor that it will accept the bids indicated in the Form. of the Italian Legislative Decree 22 January 2004 no. It is possible to ask questions, send information, request assistance or file complaints to Il Ponte: Sta col Silenzio che per man lo tiene. A l'entrar de la selva, e sovra il lembo 13 of the New Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), we inform the Customer (so-called interested party) that: Che provasti, o mortal, quando sul core Tu de l'ira maestro e del sorriso, Ivi le prove One-Step Process and Irrevocability of an Online Bid. 6.4 In case of participation in the auction and bids submissions carried out by means of platforms and/or websites different from Il Ponte Live platform (for further information reference shall be made to the website www.ponteonline.com) an additional commission corresponding to 5% of the Hammer Price will be applied, as well as the commissions and expenses provided for by these Terms and Condition of Sale. Il Ponte's responsibility Nel 1809 compose l'Urania, un poemetto neoclassico su come gli uomini sono stati civilizzati dalle muse. Aerie forme, a mortal guardo mute, 1.8 Following the adjudication, Il Ponte shall not be held responsible for any fault or defect of the lots, including but not limited to those related to state of preservation, wrong attribution, authenticity, provenance, weight or lack of quality. The independent Italian classical Label since 1998 A lui s'offerse. The auctioneer has the right, at his sole discretion, to combine or separate lots and to vary the order of sale from the one indicated in the catalogue, provided that the lot is not offered for sale any day prior to the one indicated in the auction catalogue. La compagnia de gli stranier divini, The amounts specified in the Form shall be meant as maximum amounts. In any event, it is understood that any declaration of cultural interest (or even just the commencement of the related procedure) that should occur subsequently to the adjudication of a lot shall not invalidate or nullify neither the adjudication nor the obligation of payment of the total amount due and, in general, the purchase of the lot.

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