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It has gotten so bad we’ve been to the vet a couple times due to bites so bad they’ve gotten infected. She has not done this before, but for the last two months she has. I have a 13 month old BC since she was 8 weeks old. I hope this helps. Recently she has started nipping people. We stressed she could not be around kids. It seems the BC gets the worst of it but she had gotten the lab good a couple times. Please try to keep this old fellow around; he would suffer terribly in a shelter and probably end up being put down. His whole face changes, he barks and comes at us, as if to bite us.I am even scared. He has not done this for some time though, but we still do not allow them to get close to him or take his ball as he can be so unpredictable, which can be hard as they love playing ball with him. Last visit, he soiled and wet himself when the vet took him away from me to just cut his nails and recommended we have him put under anaesthetic next time it needed to be done. She’s really defensive and temperamental. Watch Queue Queue Thats a very sad story, I feel very sorry for you and her, I know it must have been a very hard decision to make, try not to beat yourself up about it!! My vet and I talked about medicating her for her anxiety but I’m not really sure what to do for her. The Border Collie Society of America’s stated primary goal is to ensure “a future where no Border Collie goes unwanted,” and they strive for that goal every day with events, breeding resources, and even DNA test kits. He is a good dog to the family other than that and a sook. In that case best way to defuse the situation is to go away from there and wait for him to calm down. Good luck trying the meds – they really don’t seem to be making a difference for us. I have had my 5 1/2 year old male since he was a puppy and he has some fear/territorial aggression towards both humans and dogs, starting around early adulthood. Over the last 8 years she had seriously bitten my son twice, requiring an emergency room visit with stitches. Initially, I think that I should muzzle him (as much as it would pain me) while we are out, as he has shown no signs of aggression to me or my girlfriend as yet. When I take him to the dog park he just sits on the bench beside me and barks at the other dogs non-stop. Ecco come impostare il lavoro col guinzaglio per evitare che il nostro cane manifesti aggressività durante la passeggiata (e non solo!). the BC gets upset afterwards and trembles.). The Border Collie needs to see the smallest changes in the sheep-herd and react immediately. Help!! I am not sure what I could have done differently and every day I wish she were still with us, but I could not risk another attack like that. He came to us at 8 weeks so my BC has known him and been around him all this time. Many rescues won’t take on a dog that bits, and when they do it’s usually to assess them and then often to put them to sleep. If you’ll let him behave aggressively and not having a check on him, it will get worse day by day and that will be very difficult to overcome. Once again, thank you very much for helping us with your experience!! All dogs featured are living in private foster homes with volunteers; this allows us to really get to know them and, when they are ready for adoption, find exactly the right new home for them. I brought her home at about 6 months old (her first family did not have her trained except to come when called) I love her dearly but fear it may come down to finding her a new home. They are aggressive with other animals and small pets should not be introduced with your Collies. Therefore, before you start training him for that, you have to figure out the reason why he behaves aggressively. I don’t know what to do. Below are some of them: When your dog is in lot of stress, never push him or pressurize. Last Chance Animal Rescue Centre is a registered charity based in Kent, UK. Generally a Border Collie doesn’t get aggressive without showing early signs of aggression beforehand. She has always been excited to see other people, doesnt jump, but because they aren’t stopping to say hello to her she is now barking and pulling on the lead in an agressive manner more than excitement. He is otherwise very cuddly and loves my massages he gets given by me, with all your knowledge of various dogs are you able to offer any help on my situation. Before you do anything, there are a couple of things which you should NEVER do to an aggressive dog. She hates being brushed, doesn’t necessarily listen well unless you’re stern with her, and if you’re unfamiliar to her, she will bite you if you put things by her face. I do know that she was locked up most of the time, but since we’ve had her here, she’s had almost complete freedom and plays a little rough with my other dog. It is so sad that these dogs have to deal with these demons! We tried a 2 month old female border collie this Christmas for our 6 and 8 yr old daughters. Border Collie West Calder (Edinburgh) Elliot Border Collie West Calder (Edinburgh) Finn Border Collie West Calder (Edinburgh) New. She has been on them for about 6 months or a bit longer and they do not really seem to do much of anything. Suffering with Physical Pain: Just like humans when a dog is in physical pain, they become aggressive because he might be under a lot of stress. My vet had told me that they know within millimeters of where they are biting. He has always been somewhat aggressive towards strangers most of his life. Fortunately, his Dad knows that I am trying to deal with the problem and is letting it go. My thoughts are with you. He also absolutely hates the vet and we have to muzzle him for any visits. God bless! Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, Border Collie Advice © 2014 All Rights Reserved, The Top 5 Tips For an Absolute Obedient Border Collie, Growling or showing of teeth when you push them off furniture. hi i have a border collie and he has always niped but never me or my husband the only one is my 4 year old but not enogh to leave any marks he is very well behaved the only things is cars bikes or and thing with wheels or strangers he will nip or lung at them i dont really know wat to do but i want to get it sorted befor he gets older if and one can help ??? Instead of these games, play games that keep him away from you, such as “Go fetch” game. Thanks very much for posting your story. Generally a Border Collie doesn’t get aggressive without showing early signs of aggression beforehand. A hyped-up border collie with energy to burn is more likely to become edgy than a tired out dog. So for the safety of my younger children i feel we have no choice but to have him put to sleep even though it will break our hearts. I could use some tips if any of you have any. Look for these signs to warn you before your dog becomes aggressive: To learn how to deal with a dominant or disobedient Border Collie, I highly suggest you check out the Border Collie Owners Guide. Feeling Threatened: This is one of the most common aggression types in Border Collies and they generally show it towards people they don’t know or meeting for the first time. Occasionally a treat from my plate. I cant call a local dog trainer because I’m absolutely broke. When we first got her our 8 year old lab and her got into a couple fights but then it stopped. Jumping isn’t as serious as growling or biting but it still shouldn’t be tolerated. Accordingly, it reacts a lot faster to visual (motion) and auditory stimuli than other dogs. We are dedicated to try everything to fix him before having to put him down so we just sent him off to board and train for a week where they will work on his anxiety. A Collie will usually jump as a sign of dominance. I’ve had trouble with biting issues with past dogs, and currently have an issue with a new (adopted) 5 year old BC, who nips ankles and feet. He has always been best of friends with my stepson and this was totally unprovoked. She is part of our family. It is so damn hard. Border Collie’s are not a breed you can leave in the backyard day after day without exercise and mental stimulation. And then I’ll start rescuing again! Don’t wait until your dog bites someone before you do anything. For example, they all start with chasing, then nipping, then growling and then develop biting habit. These games include tug of war, hide and seek, keep away, and games that involves chasing. she does seem to calm down and focus if she’s off leash in the yard playing fetch as long as she’s the only dog(my dog visits often and she’s learned to keep her distance because the BC is very unpredictable with her, sometimes she’ll play but then something will trigger her and she needs to “correct” my Boxer who’s good about just walking away. Exercise your border collie. We did obedience and sheep herding. But I still wonder if I could have done something wrong, and what it was. She growls a lot. If your collie feels threatened or doesn’t trust a stranger then she most … The inability for a border collie to herd can cause frustration which can lead to the border collie "venting" by barking and lunging at moving stimuli, and that often includes other dogs. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Aggressive and dominant behavior is not a joke and specially if your dog belongs to a large breed. But, sadly, even good genes do not forgive bad handling and turn the best of Border Collies into biters and aggressive dogs. Chrismas day our house was manic, and she tried to bite someone she’d never met(we ha explained to the person what shes like and that she needs introducing properly, he thought he’d be the exception). If you suspect that your Collie might be showing early aggressions signs, act immediately. If your dog has developed dominance issues, then you will have to regain the “alpha dog” title. Training an Aggressive Border Collie To Correct His Bad Behavior. Therefore when they are eating and you go close to their bowl to put more food or take the bowl away, they growl at you distrustfully. If you feel in danger or are fearful that your dog might bite someone, please don’t hesitate to call your local dog trainer. She almost took out his eye and she took the tip of his nose off. When we have visitors Harry doesn’t.t know I have to put him in another room as he wd growl and bite if he fancies to. The causes and reasons behind the dog growling, barking or even biting can vary depending on the situation. Good luck. I have a eight year old boarder Collie that is a big sook. It’s very rare for these dogs to get aggressive without showing early warning signs beforehand. That means that they love to learn, and in fact, need to learn to stay happy and active. This video is unavailable. she spends so much of the time being anxious that she doesn’t seem to enjoy it, we certainly don’t. But she is my fur baby too. Taking their name from their origins in Northumberland on the English border with Scotland, Border Collies are probably best known for their herding and agility skills. Watch Queue Queue. I just don’t understand what my husband did that she considered to be an unacceptable behavior. No matter how much your dog loves you, as a responsible owner you must carefully check his wounds to make sure you’re not unknowingly causing him more pain. I have a border collie blue merle,beautiful looking male but temperment not so good.I wish I could rehome him.he jugs 13yrs old.he really won’t left anyone go near him to brush him he shows this teeth and barks aggressively.what do I do.anyone have any advice.PLEASE. She was a very lovable and affectionate dog and we all adored her. If you don’t feel confident enough to tackle the problem on your own or feel fearful of your dog, it is better that you seek help from a professional dog trainer. We brought the behaviourist to our home for an hour visit, basically for reinforcement. Today my mother in law dropped my 2 year old home, and she went for my mother in law. Maddie Border Collie Bridgend (Wales) Pie Border Collie Bridgend (Wales) Rafa Border Collie Snetterton (Norfolk) Rue Border Collie … They mostly want to run free from what I’ve noticed from our BC. I have had two rough haired collies and my last dog was a border collie and my dog now is a border collie who is 3. should’nt have a dog cause he looks pretty. He growls fiercely if you try to get near him when he has them. We carry out home checks and are able to re-home to most areas of the UK. Dog trainer Cesar Millan believes lack of exercise is … He is so aggressive that he nips or even bites. I am praying my little guy can learn to trust everyone like he does our family. He is never aggressive towards our family but with strangers and dogs. Our border collie is 8 years old, and is a very well behaved dog almost all of the time. Ask yourself these questions: If you have the answers of these questions, you’ll be in better position to understand why he does that and how you can stop him doing that. however she hates outsiders. Today she snapped at my 23year old nephew. Aggressive behavior include actions such as growling, excessive barking, chasing and even biting, and reason behind such behavior may vary according to different situations. My 7 and a half year old Border Collie has always been quite nervous from around 12 months old. If a Border Collie has a strong chase instinct and it is not trained and not worked to control and channel this ability, the dog is a liability, chasing anything that moves. Although I have been brushing my collie daily since a pup she has decided its not as good as it used to be and now shows her displeasure. Let me know if you want to talk privately. I never have these issues when she is off the lead, but you cant have dogs off the lead when walking them. So what are the most common causes that trigger aggression in Border Collies? Your email address will not be published. Taking her outside, she started getting more aggressive, and bit our 6 yr old on the arm, putting two holes in the jacket, but not harming our daughter physically. As pets, Collies are lively, loyal and attention-loving, but there are some common misconceptions about them. Since every bite was to the face, but really to the mouth and nose area, I know they were corrective/dominance bites. So be very cautious when dealing with a dominant Border Collie. I am so sorry about having to put your BC down. But I feel you had no choice. Dominant Behavior and Aggression: Neglecting your border collie’s dominant behavior make him believe that, to keep his dominance over you, he needs to be aggressive. We operate a no destruction policy You don’t want to escalate things if you don’t have to. That will also help him understand that leaving his food bowl or bone for sometime is okay, and his owner or other people won’t steal it. We have a second dog that is just over a year old. This is not costly. Keep her on a lead when people cone over if she goes to bite lead her away and lock her in the bathroom or another room away from you. Just like that, never mess with a dog that is chewing a bone. Maybe she would be happier in a different home setting. If nothing else, and you must put him down, go to the vet and ask for help in doing this in kindly and humane manner. And I cannot understand what behavior he did that she was correcting, since he was laying on the floor petting her and she was completely affectionate and and content…laying on her side and wagging her tail…and then just whirling around and biting him. Some are a lot easier to spot and cure, while others will take time and will only be cured with consistent behavior training. She actually drew blood. Playing kill the tennis ball as we are still working on bringing it back to me! Well there several of them and each one of them needs to be corrected before it’s too late. If anyone can offer advice, then it would be greatly appreciated. I am so sorry for your loss. This dog was picked up by animal control so we do not know his history. However, not all dogs behave in similar way, but it’s their natural instincts that force them to behave in such a way to defend their food from others. It is likely to become frustrated and develop further behavioural problems that may include a degree of aggression. I myself rescue ‘unruley’ Collies as I am a bit crackers. They think it is better to eat their food right now before someone will take it away from them. Even bringing her back to the house from a walk, she would start nipping at my hand, which was scaring me. I would love to chat with someone going through the same thing as us. HELP! Can anyone tell me at what age they calm down? If your dog has developed dominant behavior and thinks himself above you, he will not even hesitate to bark and growl at you, and he may also bite you. I’ve had the eldest for almost 4 years and the youngest for 4 months. Best of luck and with time and patience I hope all works out for you. secondo me sn i + bei cani del mondo e poi sn anke i + intelligenti nn è vero?? As I stated above, try getting a MUZZLE and a CRATE. So if you have to put your familys safety before your dog, than thats a choice you simply have to make. That bite was unprovoked and unsuspected. In the last month though, he has become quite aggressive towards people that he has known since I got him. Lochy is an Australian Border Collie who struggles with dog aggression, mostly out of fear.

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